Exploring the Tablet Marketplace – What lies beyond iPad?

The era of desktop PC and even the laptop is over and the tablet PC age is upon us. Apple Inc. changed the way computers are applied to human life with their iPad tablet. With people constantly on the go, the wireless tablet PC technology is fast changing computing technologies. Sleek & simple yet innovative designs appealing for both professionals and students alike, Apple’s trendy and portable (more portable than a notebook PC) products have distinguished themselves from the traditional desktop PC.

The innovative touch design that began with the Apple iPhone & iPod, soon found its way into the iPad tablet PC. This actually triggered a domino effect with all other IT hardware giants like HP, ASUS, and Samsung joining the race. Even cell phone company, Blackberry, has introduced the ‘BlackBerry Play-Book’ to mark their entry in the tablet PC market.

In its first year, the Apple iPad sold over 19 million units, which is 3 times the sale of the iPhone when it was introduced. Trend analysts have forecasted that by 2015 there will be over 200 million tablet PCs in the world sold by both Apple Inc. and competing vendors.

Through various consumer surveys, research analysts have come to know that over 30% of the people demand ultra portability and optimized functionality in their tablet PCs. It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple Inc. will release an iPad 3 with a completely new design and OS. Hints of future innovation came when Apple shifted away from Infineon as its chipset maker to Qualcomm for all of its mobile devices.

Although a brilliant innovation, the Apple iPad still lacks many features that can be added to the innovative tablet design. The future of the iPad is actually brighter than other tablet manufacturers since the design initially came from Apple. The most basic addition to the tablet PC design is the inclusion of a touch pen that can benefit business users, medical personnel and students alike.

Furthermore, the iPad is capable of having a DVD/Blue-Ray drive on the side or at the vertical base. Additional storage space will be the defining factor in the future. With more people adopting the cloud computing design, the technologies that can be embedded in the tablet PC are countless. There can also be the addition of free virtual storage space, virtual OS and other virtual software available on purchase.

With the tablet PC concept, the opportunities and market potential for manufacturers is limitless. As future holographic tablet designs are being developed we can not forecast what PC manufacturers will bring forward in the near future.




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