The New Digital World

Although efforts were being made for more than a decade to convert most of the things that we use into digital format, the advent of eBooks and tablets has completely revolutionized the way we live and interact. The launch of PDF (Portable Document File) was a significant initiative in making documents available in digital format.

Today, millions of books are available in PDF format which can be bought from online stores. It’s interesting to note that although most of these have been digitalized from their paper prototypes, many eBooks today are being composed solely for digital use. On the other hand, tablets have shaped the way we communicate, shop and read. Its impact on our lives is huge.

But how has the launch of eBooks and tablets changed our lives?

Book Reading Practice and Acquiring Information

Tablets have made it possible to take a large stock of books with you and read wherever you are. Digital books are easy to manage and are usually preferred because you can get information about a number of topics from the internet at the same time. Tablets also made it possible to share documents such as resumes, financial charts etc with other people.

Amazon’s Kindle has made eBook reading easy and convenient. You can carry hundreds of books with it, shop for new books online and its use gives you an original paper book feel. High quality eBooks are available from different stores and features such as dictionary and bookmarking etc. make reading an enjoyable experience.

E-Magazines and News

While paper magazines are in high demand, prospects of e-magazines look quite promising. E-magazines are composed digitally which can be accessed by users after paying a subscription fee. Besides giving you convenience and portability, E-magazines can actually be more useful to you because of their dynamic nature. If you are reading an E-magazine on a tablet, you can shop for similar magazines or get more information about related products.

With the advent of tablets, traditional newspapers are going out of use. Today, people can log on to websites at any time of the day and get news from around the world in a snap. In this way, they can get up-to-date news with every passing second.


The marketing sector seems to have received the most profound impact from the digital world. Online marketing has allowed companies to reach thousands of people with minimum cost. Online marketing is more predictive and traceable, and it allows you to select your audience.

People having a tablet can see advertisements on web pages or on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube or twitter. An online marketing strategy is more effective and easily translates into sales due to the feature of online shopping. People are more informed when they are online and they can compare products and take better decisions.

Staying in Touch

With the advent of email, traditional mail had already gone out of use. With the launch of tablets, people are now able to communicate in a completely different manner. They can post messages and stay up to date about activities of their friends through social networking sites, wherever they are. Today’s messages are much more than a string of characters; you can use videos, images and a number of interactive applications to convey your feelings. Digital Technology has indeed shaped the way we interact with people.

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